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What Radix® can do for your Business!

Good Purchasing Management in the environment of today is instrumental to business success. The right supply partner, properly managed, can be an engine of growth for a business; applying its technical, creative, manufacturing and project management skills to driving its customer’s business.

On the other hand, the failure of a supplier to meet KPIs can not only impair a company’s performance; in the case of an ongoing inability to supply or a serious technical fault; a supplier can cause the disappearance of a brand or a business from the market.

Investing in Radix Purchasing Management Consultancy is an investment in every sense of the word; and is almost guaranteed to bring risk free returns far above the sum invested, perhaps 50 fold or more. It is an investment in the security of your business as well as an assurance that your company’s market position is being leveraged to competitive advantage.

Market insight and industry knowledge are key requirements to building market entry and market expansion strategies. We possess the experience and the expertise instrumental to a vigorous and creative R&D effort which provides innovative, appropriate, timely and profitable new product introductions based on thorough market knowledge.

Increasingly, especially in food service and wholesale / distribution companies, the R&D / New Product Development and Purchasing functions are intertwined because the products required by the market are developed and purchased simultaneously. If your business is like this, the skills which Radix have to offer your business are even more valuable.

Your involvement in a one-off or ongoing consultancy relationship with Radix® Consultancy will have additional spin-off benefits for your business outside of a specific project; such as training and redeveloping the skills and modus operanda of your team; it will give you and your staff new insights into successful purchasing management and innovative and creative product developments. Ask yourself whether your management team could do with a temporary or part-time extra resource to focus on cost saving, innovation or strategy. Is there a project you need ‘sorted’?

Do you lack the freedom or the expertise to pursue an important agenda which your own staff cannot pursue because they are tied down to a thousand and one routine tasks?

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